Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road trips

I love road trips. LOVE them!  There is something about the open road with your favorite music blaring out the open sun roof...especially when you're on your way to visit some of your best friends.  It's such a free and fun feeling.  I decided to take a little road trip last week while my cowboy was away for school and head south.  (I LOVE heading south:)  And it's really special getting to see my friends' kids growing up.  I feel like I'm just soaking it all in right now.
My friends seriously have the most precious kids in the whole world

I got such a kick out of this video, I just had to post it.  This is my friend's awesome dog who totally loves to work out!

One of my stops was beautiful Kentucky...

There are a lot of caves in KY(I kept seeing signs for them on the hwy), and this one is in my friend's back yard.  Will definitely need to spend some more time exploring down there.

So it's back to Indiana, but fortunately there's another little road trip right around the corner.  It's seriously food for the adventurous soul.