Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Second Baby Story Adventure

This time was so different.  The pregnancy was similar; healthy but battling dehydration with intense nausea throughout.  Sadie was two weeks late, and I had to be induced.  Mia was just two days past her due date, and I went into labor naturally!  Which is exactly what I wanted.  On my due date I went and walked the track for about 30 minutes to see if I could get things moving. 
Then two days later on Saturday March 26, I woke up at 1:30am with weird cramping kind of coming and going every few minutes.  I wondered if it was something I ate, but then I noticed the bleeding.  Immediately woke up Hank and called my doctor.  To my relief she said it was just the early stage of labor and could last for hours.  So Hank went back to sleep.  I of course took a shower, did my nails, watched a movie, checked and rechecked my suitcase, looked at pictures from Sadie's birth, did some last minute work for IU and Miracle House..;)  When nothing more was happening, I finally fell back asleep around 4:30.  I started waking up with mild contractions.  I'd breathe through them and fall back asleep.  Hank came in around 6:30 to get ready for work(he'd gone out to the couch amid my middle of the night party;), assuming nothing more was happening.  Well he walks in, and I'm breathing super hard through an intense contraction.  He's like, how far apart are they? I'm like, I don't know. ???  So he lies down and times a couple.  Um, Michelle, 5 minutes apart lasting a minute each... We need to call the doctor.  Of course by that point I couldn't even talk through them, so we call and start rushing around to get out the door and get Sadie out the door.  Hank did so great as I was completely useless by that point.  We leave, drop Sadie off at a friend's, and head to the hospital.  And it was just like the movies!  Hank driving fast, me in a lot of pain at this point and breathing hard.  Fortunately the hospital is only about a 15 minute drive.  Through walking in, checking in, and getting settled in our room, I had about 5 more contractions.  They were just coming so fast.  I kept saying as soon as you can get me that epidural the better!  The nursing staff was great.  They worked so fast to get me situated and checked and order the epidural.  About an hour after we arrived, that angelic nurse came and quickly put in the epidural.  By that point I was already 7cm.  With Sadie I barely made it to 4 before getting one.  I really liked going into labor naturally as opposed to being induced with pitocin.  I was just handling the contractions much better.  Anyways, got the epidural and everything was great. 
Hank and I were joking around with the nurses, texting family and friends with updates.  My sister got there about 30 minutes after the epidural to pick up the keys so she could stay with Sadie that night.  Hank went down to give her keys and carseat.  About 5 minutes after he walked out, I heard baby girl's heart rate drop suddenly.  The next 15 minutes are kind of a blur.  Nurses ran in, had me flip over, heart rate stops, had me get on my hands and knees, they're pushing around, back on my back, then "Push!"  I push as hard as I can, finally a heart beat, but a slow one.  "Push one more time, Michelle!"  I push with all I had.  "Ok Stop!!  There's the head."  What???  "Michelle, I need you to lay really still now.  No pushing.  Somebody go find the husband.  Call the doctor..."  Hank comes back in and just freezes for a second as he sees what's happening.  Comes and takes my hand, and we both just look at eachother like WOW.  My doctor walks in and is like WOW when she sees what she about missed.  Pulls up a chair, "Ok, Michelle, push."  And there she was.  Baby girl came out with the most beautiful little cries, and everything was perfect.  Turns out her heart rate dropped because she dive bombed the birthing canal.  Went through it in like a second.  Apparently baby's have a hard time when that happens.  But she was just fine:)  Our beautiful Mia Grace was born at 11:30am on March 26 at St.Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, CO, which is the highest elevation maternity center in the country.
Most babies born up here have to be on oxygen for a period of time after birth.  Mia fortunately had great oxygen levels, and we went home after two days happy and healthy.  Sadie grew up real quick and proudly adopted her new role as big sister.  The first month was a rough transition, but she settled down pretty quickly as soon as we got back into a routine and I was able to play with her more.  Each month gets easier and more fun, and we are adoring having two little girls now.  They are just the sweetest together.  We feel extremely blessed and are so thankful! Here are some more pictures:)

Sadie's first look at Mia:)

Time to go home:)

 Psalm 139:14 "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."