Thursday, July 16, 2015


I finally got to go check out Aspen, Colorado today.  It's been on my bucket list for years.  I went for work, so I didn't get to sight see too much, but I have a few recommendations.

1. There are two ways to get to Aspen from Denver and Summit County.  My favorite way is through Copper, Leadville, and Independence Pass.  This drive is literally the most beautiful drive I've ever done in my life.  Independence Pass is closed for the winter, so you can only take this drive between Memorial Day and the beginning of November.

On the way back I drove through Glenwood Springs and then I-70.  The landscape through there was really unique; kind of desert like.  Reminded me of a Western movie;)

2.  I recommend Peach's Corner Cafe for breakfast.  It is located in beautiful downtown Aspen, and the food is awesome!  Afterwards I loved walking around downtown, taking pictures of the slopes, and window shopping:)

3.  If you are visiting Aspen in the summer time, be sure to check out the Aspen Music Festival.  Awesome classical musicians around the world come here to study and perform every summer.

That's it for now!  Hoping to make it back sometime soon:)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Miracle House


I am so excited to share with you about a very special ministry called Miracle House.  Ten years ago, a lady named Deanna Bjork went to Kenya on a missions trip.  While there she met an alarming amount of orphans who were not in orphanages.  They were scattered around with various guardians, but these guardians had a hard time providing for the children.  She founded Miracle House to be a home away from home for these orphans and needy children; a ministry that provides them with food, clothing, education, and a Biblical foundation.  Breakfast is served at Miracle House in the morning, then the children go to school, back for lunch, back to school, and then back to Miracle House.  Afternoons are filled with tutoring, Bible study, songs, games, and dinner. 

Miracle House has grown tremendously, to the point where they now have two locations bursting at the seams.  One is located outside of Nairobi, and the other is on the western side of Kenya about an hour from the Ugandan border.  Due to some incredible donations, Deanna and her team have developed a plan to help get these orphans out of the slums and to a safer place.  They have purchased 10 acres of beautiful farm land just outside of Nakuru.  They have drawn up plans to build a boarding school where these children can live year round in a safe and nurturing environment, while still having the opportunity to visit any extended family on their school breaks.  They are now in the process of raising the funds to make this happen as quickly as possible.

I met Deanna shortly after moving to Silverthorne, Colorado.  When she heard about my heart for missions and my experience as a missionary in Africa, she shared with me about Miracle House.  She has offered me the position of heading up their child sponsorship program.  My job will be to connect sponsors with children, manage donations, keep in touch with our representatives working in Kenya, update sponsors on their children, help with Bible study curriculum, and write newsletters.  I will also be available to help Deanna and her team in any other way needed. 

I am writing to extend the opportunity for you to become involved in the ministry of Miracle House through supporting me in the position of child sponsorship manager.  If you would like to make a donation, here are the instructions:  Go to, click on donate, then you will select option #6 staff support, and under comments mark that this donation is for Michelle Roll.  Please also indicate in comments if this is a one time or monthly donation.  This is a long term need, so I am praying for a group of monthly supporters who are able to commit in prayer and monthly financial support. 

I would like to conclude with a verse I found a couple of months ago as I was praying about this job opportunity: 2 Corinthians 9:9, “He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.”

Here is the Miracle House website again:  It has an awesome video and more information describing their work in Kenya.  If you have any questions prior to my call, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Michelle Roll

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Everyday Views

Wherever we go around Summit County, I'm always floored by how beautiful it is here.  This post will take you around Silverthorne, Dillon, and Frisco to the views from all of our regular stops.

Post Office

Grocery Store



the park

Recreation Center

Medical building

I love running errands:)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum

I am so happy to be posting on here again!  Now that we've moved to Colorado, we are starting to explore our new home with little day trips.  So here's a new post for the travel blog:) 

This past week on our way home from Denver, we decided to stop at Lookout Mountain in Golden and visit the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum.  It was so fun!  We love finding these little hole in the wall places. 

Annie Oakley
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Sadie had a blast!

Buffalo Bill's grave

Awesome gift shop and soda fountain
The views from Lookout Mountain are so beautiful!

So excited to be traveling again and adding to the blog!  There are so many possible day trips from Summit County, so stay tuned:)

Friday, September 5, 2014

French Lick, Indiana

Travel blog entry!  For our 5th anniversary this year, we crossed French Lick off of our Indiana bucket list.  There are two historic grand hotels there: French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel.  Hank, Sadie, and I packed up and drove about an hour south from Bloomington down Hwy 37 through beautiful farm land and small Indiana towns, past Paoli Peaks, until we could spy the huge dome of the West Baden Resort peaking out through the trees.  I didn't expect the sheer magnificence of seeing this hotel after driving through such small towns.  It's crazy big!

We drove past West Baden on to the elegant French Lick Springs Hotel, and I think elegant is the best way to describe this resort.  It was beautiful and just gorgeous with all of their Christmas decorations still up.

There are mineral springs that run through this area, and these resorts were first founded back in 1845 as health spas.

Yes, the pond is totally frozen.  January 2014 was a super cold one!

Located in the Hoosier National Forest.
Indiana limestone tunnel they used in the construction of the hotel.

The ceilings were incredible!

Sadie was so tiny here!  She's twice as big now.  That's what I get for taking months to post this;)

French Lick has such an awesome candy store!
The pool:)

A beautiful anniversary gift in our room from the hotel:)  

The hotel also has some amazing restaurants.  We ate at the famous 1875:The Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner.  It was so fancy and delicious.  Then we had an awesome breakfast at The Grand Colonnade Family Restaurant, which is the former ballroom where FDR received the nomination to run for President in 1932!

It was a great way to celebrate 5 years married to my dream cowboy:)