Monday, December 12, 2011

A Midwestern Thanksgiving

So Happy laaaaate Thanksgiving! If you've ever worked in college admissions, you know that once November hits you're life is no longer your own. So that's what I'm blaming my lack of posting on;) But I couldn't let Christmas go by without a Thanksgiving post! So here are some pictures from Thanksgiving in Bloomington, which is now my favorite place to spend Thanksgiving...

We went for a hike in Yellowwood State Forest again on Thanksgiving morning.
My beautiful Momma who came all the way from Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with us.

My handsome cowboy. (Who I've actually been calling my mountain man more than cowboy recently. Check out that beard!  Thank you Movember.)

My awesome car, Cheetah. (I used to get a lot of speeding tickets in college...)

Just when you think he's being sweet...

I feel the love.

Beaver wuz here

The only picture I managed to capture at the actual meal: the dogs cleaning up.

Best view in all of Browne County...

The lighting ceremony around the Bloomington court house.  Every Friday after Thanksgiving they have carolers and a big production featuring the mayor and Santa leading up to the count down to the Christmas lights around the square being turned on all at the same time! Coolest tradition EVER. The whole town comes out for it.

The Christmas farmers market the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year, featuring reindeer!

 Thanksgiving in Bloomington always reminds me of a sweet small town in a cute Christmas movie.  This year I'm thankful for a great town for Hank to finish school in, a great job at an awesome University, and a loving and healthy family. 
 Speaking of healthy family, stay tuned for my next post about the coolest 100th birthday ever...

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