Saturday, December 8, 2012

Florida Kayaking

We went to beautiful, sunny Florida for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a great break from the cold, grey start to our Indiana winter.  Our first stop was to visit my favorite hotel in Florida: the Don Cesar in St.Petersburg. 
I grew up coming here every few years, and it holds some awesome memories of a kid in paradise:)  I loved exploring the different ballrooms and restaurants, shops and balconies.  I loved sitting in the hot tub, sipping on a virgin strawberry daiquiri... ah, paradise... 
It also has an awesome old fashioned ice cream shop.  Of course, my dad and I had to get some chocolate ice cream;)
Pardon my pale face in these pictures... I'm actually pregnant and going through a bad case of "morning sickness".  But nothing like the Florida sunshine and a little ice cream to make you feel better!
Go Gators!!
As a Thanksgiving treat, Dad and Sandy took us kayaking in the mangrove tunnels of Bradenton.  We went with a group called Shan-T Native Kayak Tours, and they were great!  It was so beautiful...

There was awesome bird watching.
I highly recommend this group for kayaking.  They were super friendly and really knowledgeable about everything we were seeing.  It made for a fun Thanksgiving!  You can see more of our pictures on Shan-T's facebook page.  I hope you all had a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Wonderful news, Michelle, about your pregnancy!!!

    Fun to see the photos of your kayaking in the mangrove tunnels. Beautiful, indeed!