Monday, April 11, 2011

Out with the Cold and In with the Run

Each season brings its own excitement.  I love living in a place that has four distinct seasons.  It keeps things interesting; keeps things changing.  I am cold natured to the extreme, so the spring is when I start spending time outside again on a regular basis.  I start running and have recently discovered the adventure in races.  It’s so fun to have a goal to work towards and end the summer running with a big group of people who love the outdoors as much as you.  I’ve only ever run 5k’s, but I have some friends pushing for a 10k.  I don’t know…I’ll keep you posted.  Towards that end, here’s a picture from my route.  I run through the neighborhood next to our apartment, and this is the very best time of year!  I always feel like I’m running through the clouds or something romantic like that.

What cool routes are in your area?


  1. I've been trying to run, but its so hard to stay motivated on the treadmill. Would you recommend outside runs rather than indoor ones?

  2. Absolutely! Exploring new routes is a great way to stay motivated to run.