Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4th Street

If you live in Bloomington and love international food and experiences, 4th Street is the place to go.  You can literally walk along one block near downtown and "travel" to India, Tibet, Italy, Ethiopia, Turkey, Burma, Korea, and the list goes on.  Hank and I have made it our goal this summer to try out each restaurant, and so far it's been awesome!  The food is absoutely amazing.  Each place is very authentic being owned and operated by a family from the country it represents.  We know it's legitimate because most of the time we're the only Americans in the place.  We're normally surrounded by foreign languages and strange customs.  Last week I learned that the proper way to eat soup in Japan is by slurping it.  Really Loudly.  It was pretty funny sitting in there with everybody slurping all around us.  I was pretty shocked and slightly confused until Hank explained it to me.  (I mean, southern belles NEVER slurp;)  So it's been an adventure.  I'm really excited about getting to experience a different country every week right here at home.  Feeds my hunger for travel.  Next week is Turkey!

This was at Restaurant Ami, which is a Korean and Japanese restaurant.  It was amazing!

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  1. HOW FUN!! Looks like D and I need to take tips from y'all. Here's to SLURPING!