Friday, June 10, 2011

Embracing Local Culture

My international travel buddies out there will know what I’m talking about when I say the joy of traveling is experiencing different cultures.  And it is such a blessing when you actually get to live in a place for an extended period of time and experience the culture as a local.  I haven’t gotten to travel internationally for a few years now, and this time in the States has really helped me focus and appreciate all of the different cultures we have right here at home.  I mean, wouldn’t you agree that the culture in the Southeast is far different than the culture in the Northeast?  We have Western culture, Pacific coast, Midwest, the Deep South…  Texas and Florida have cultures all their own!  The list could go on forever, I’m sure.  I look back and really appreciate the time I had in the Deep South and the West.  The South was warm summer evenings, hanging moss and azaleas, lots of friends and the beach.  The West was cowboy boots and horses, Under Armour and the mountains.  Now I’m working on embracing Midwestern culture as a local Hoosier, and it is proving to be its own fun adventure...   

Every car has a dog. We haven't embraced this as we'd like, but we get a kick out of seeing stuff like this! I mean this dog takes up the entire vehicle!

 Learning how to shoot:)
Experiencing the Indianapolis Speedway!

Picking a favorite Brown County view.

Researching Midwest family history.
Indiana pork tenderloin sandwiches

BIG tractors, lots of farms

Geode hunting
Long walks in the woods:)
So take a look at where you’re living today and seek out the unique things your local culture has to offer.  It’ll help during times when you’re “wishing for the Orient” to really appreciate and have fun in the place where you are now.  Making the most of every opportunity.   

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