Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the lake to the mountains...

There’s something about the lake that’s just freeing.  It gives you the sense of really getting away from it all, especially when you’re on vacation with a boat.  Flying across the water with the wind in your face, it’s like you lose every care in the world.  And you only have one other item on the agenda: soaking in the sun at the pool.  I think the mountains have the same affect.  You see the mountains and realize just how small you are in this big world.  It always helps to keep your eyes on the bigger picture.  I’ve been blessed this summer to experience both the lake and the mountains with amazing friends and family.  I love big reunions where you can hear so many different life stories.  Stories that are so amazing and with so many details that it can do nothing but prove that there is a Creator who is actively involved in our lives.  So I return to my routine life from these two great get-aways refreshed and refocused.  Life is so much easier when your focus has been dispersed to many different people all over the world.  Those little things in the office that would normally cause stress seem meaningless.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my eyes on the big picture for a little longer this time;)  
We went to Colorado for a wedding of two of our friends from the ranch.  The wedding was just outside of Denver with the reception at the Botanic Gardens.  Gorgeous!  The above picture is Boulder where we got to visit with some of our best friends and watch some of the BolderBoulder marathon!  And we got to eat at The Med.  If you love gourmet pizza, it's the place to go.

The lake we went to was Lake Gaston, NC.  The lake is big and beautiful, with lots of vacation houses and boat rentals.  It's a great place for family get-aways and to kayak!   

Thanks to all our friends and family who have taken the time this summer to love on us!  We love y’all and can’t wait to see you again soon!      


  1. hey michelle, havent checked out your blog in a while, so i needed to! i love what you mentioned about all the cultures in america. i've experienced a few myself, and have also been in the midwest, for 15 mos now. it is different! lots of cows and wheat. i wish we'd kept in touch better, i am so sorry about that. i suck at communicating. i'll keep checking in here, see if you're doing ok!

  2. Michelle,

    I'm so glad I found your blog, so thanks for leaving your link on mine. :)

    I loved your line about realizing just how small we are when we look at the mountains. And yet, our God loves us! Isn't that amazing. Thanks for pointing me to Him.

    I pray God continues to inspire you in your routine.


  3. p.s. love the pics and your blog tagline!