Monday, June 18, 2012


Another post for the Travel Blog:)  It had been a life long passion and dream of mine to travel to Africa, so after college I moved there for two years.  I was given the opportunity to work in Senegal, West Africa, where I lived in the capital of Dakar with various trips out to different villages.  Senegal is in sub-Sahara Africa and right on the Atlantic coast, so it is a great mixture of desert and tropical landscape.  I'll touch on some of my favorite places in and around Dakar.
Dakar, the city
Dakar is a good introducation to life in a 3rd world country.  It is largely Islamic, French-speaking and has one of the largest universities in West Africa.  Below are some pictures from the city.
downtown mosque

view from the roof of my apartment

Typical scene. The men are carrying bed foam pads; the boys are playing soccer:)

Horse carts share the roads.

public transport

Mamelle Mosque on Plage d'Ouakam

Fishing. Pulling in the nets for the day.

Me with University Cheick Anta Diop students across the street from campus.
Dust storm over the city.

Some of the awesome African crafts for purchase in one of their many
Villages of Senegal

Some of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.

baobob trees
Reserve de Bandia
Giraffes and animals you would normally picture in Africa are not native to Senegal.  Reserve de Bandia is a protected area where you can view some of these animals on a mini-Safari.

That baboon had just stolen my shoe... ;)
Ile de Goree
Goree Island is a tourist attraction due to it's tragic history as a major slave-trading port.  It has a heart-breaking beauty as you walk through the colorful buildings and pass clear blue water to the Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves).

The Door of No Return, where they loaded the boats.
Ile de Ngor
Ngor Island is a surfer's paradise.  It has some of the best waves in Senegal and is a beautiful tourist attraction with colorful houses and restaurants.  I have a whole photo album of just doors and gates that I found there, but that is for a different post.

Ile aux Serpents
Snake Island is by far my favorite.  It is one of the uninhabited islands of the Iles des Madeleines.  You can pay one of the fishermen to take you out on their boat, and they will come and pick you up that evening.  Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen because there is only one lonely little tree on that whole rocky island.  There is a small lagoon that has the most calm, clear water I have ever seen.  You can jump off rocks and float all day.  Just be careful of the sea urchans lining the shallow rocks surrounding the lagoon.  It is an amazing place to explore.

Senegal will always hold a very special place in my heart. 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! I love how the Lord opened this door for you, friend. Thanks for giving us a snapshot of this land.

  2. super cool, michelle!!! i love reading your posts!!! keep them coming!!!