Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Annual 5k

Every year I like to train for a race.  Once the snow melts, it’s a great motivation to get outside and start exercising again.  So I’ve been running since April(click for that post) to see how far and how fast I could get this year.  K, my running buddy this year, and I decided to run in the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5k this past weekend.  This race allows you to run for people you’ve known with cancer.  I decided to run in memory of a beautiful ballet friend of mine from high school and then in celebration of my aunt, who kicked the pants off of cancer!  Lots of people came out for the race, including the entire IU basketball team, and we had a great time running with so many people from the community.

So here's to next year's race!  Love you, Aunt BJ:)

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  1. If you ever decide to run a longer race, there are some great ipod training apps by Jeff Galloway. I'm using his 10K one with my half marathon training. What I love is that it speeds up my music so I know what pace to run at, and when it's time for walk breaks, it slows down so I know to walk.