Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chapter 11: Welcome tae Scootlund!

When I think back on that semester in Scotland, it seems like a dream.  Probably because Edinburgh is a dream-like city complete with a castle, palace, and rolling green hills filled with sheep.  Saying I loved my time there feels like an understatementJ  When Lyd and I arrived, we hit the ground running with outreach during the annual Fringe festival in Edinburgh.  It was awesome getting to know the city during such an exciting time, getting used to the beautiful Scottish accent, and being part of such a beautiful and historical church.  We took three weeks off after the festival to backpack Europe, and you can read about our trip here.  Europe was amazing, and I finally got to revisit all of the places my family and I went to when I was just a baby.  It was a dream come true.  After we got back to Edinburgh, we began our classes and internship.  We worked with ministries including homeless, youth, elderly, and college.  We really got to know the city inside and out, and we had several opportunities to travel all over Scotland.  By the time we left, I had fallen in love with the people there and truly felt like Edinburgh was home.  I loved getting to live independently in a new country.  Living there and working with all of the church’s ministries mended the broken pieces of my heart.  I felt alive in Christ and ready to jump back into the life and trials of home.  Little did I know, that things would get worse before they got better…

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