Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chapter 7: Bienvenido a Mexico

I had the opportunity to go to Mexico twice on missions trips before I graduated from high school.  The excitement I felt at leaving the country on an adventure was insurmountable.  However, as soon as we crossed the border, that excitement turned to absolute shock.  It was the first time I’d seen a 3rd world culture in person.  My heart was being pulled in so many different directions; from kids at the school we were building to the fathers who would shake our hands so fervently for providing for their children in ways they could not.  I wanted so much for the kids that sold me my daily Fanta to be healthy, to be able to buy shoes, to have the hope of Jesus in their hearts.  I’m not a very emotional person but was moved to tears as the Holy Spirit moved with compassion within my heart.  I couldn’t help but devote my life to this work.  So how was I going to do this?  I felt totally unprepared and incapable of having an impact in a world so filled with grief and problems I’d never dealt with.  I needed a plan; help from people who did have experience on the field.  I needed…a Bible college.

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