Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chapter 13: The Offer

“Hello?”  Pause.  Pause.  “Hello, Michelle?!”  The voice sounded so distant.  My heart leapt into my throat as I realized what this call was…  “Michelle, it’s Bill from Africa.  We received your resume.  Can I ask you a few questions?”  I was so excited during the entire interview, I barely remember what he asked.  But I’ll never forget how it ended… “Well, Michelle, we would love to have you here.  I’ll contact the missions agency to send you the paperwork.  When can you start?”  I couldn’t believe it!  "Um, now?  I’ll be there tomorrow!".. is what I wanted to say.  “Well, I have to graduate and then raise support.  How about August?”  Was I dreaming this conversation?  “Okay!  Keep us updated on your support raising, and we’ll plan on seeing you in August!”  And that was it.  My life-long dream had just come true.  I was going to Africa!  
So I graduated from college.  I loved getting to celebrate that with my family, who made it all possible.  Next thing I knew, I had moved out of the dorm and in with my sister in Atlanta.  She graciously opened her door to me because Atlanta would be a great base-camp for raising support.  I got a job life-guarding again at the YMCA, and then I jumped into the process of raising the money to move to Africa.  Raising support was hard and extremely humbling, but time and time again I was absolutely floored by the love and generosity of supporters I knew and some I'd never met before.  Individuals who did not even share my faith were donating money.  I fell in love with people that summer; all types of people.  It was so moving to see the Lord touching the hearts of complete strangers for Africa.  Jesus is amazing and powerful, and that summer convinced me that He can and will move nations. 

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