Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chapter 21: A Love Story

I read Hank's letter about a billion times before the reality of it all sank in.  He liked me as much as I liked him, and he was going to wait for me until our year at the ranch was finished.  He gave me assurance of his feelings and encouraged me that Christ was in control.  He was excited to get to know me through the good and the bad, happy and sad (direct quote;).  I felt such a flood of relief and pure joy, more than I’d ever experienced in my life.  I’d never fallen this hard for a guy… and here he was falling for me too.  It was a total dream come true.  I was on cloud nine for the rest of the summer.  By the time Fall came, I could feel that the end of the year was near.  Work at the ranch was hard, and I was feeling pretty burnt out.  But every once in a while, I would get the sweetest note in my mailbox filled with encouragement and assurance.  One time there was even a handmade hemp necklace in the envelope with the most beautiful glass piece attached.  He had used his free time for weeks to make me that necklace.  I wore it to everythingJ  We got to know each other as friends through Bible studies, prayer time, worship, and letters.  I couldn’t believe, and still can’t, how perfectly the Lord orchestrated everything.  He allowed me to meet my dream cowboy in such a safe and godly environment.  My guard began to fall, and it was replaced by trust. 

That year at the ranch was fun and hard, filled with life-long friendships and lots of godly encouragement.  I fell in love with ranch life and the vision behind using it for the Lord.  But when December hit, I was ready to leave and start this exciting new phase of life.  As soon as we finished the year, Hank asked me to be his girlfriend.  And six months later, he proposed.  During that time he met all of my closest friends and family, and continually showed me his trustworthiness and faithfulness.  He pursued me with such integrity, always keeping marriage as the goal.  When he proposed, there was no question in my mind that this was the man the Lord had chosen for me since before we were born.  We were married on a beautiful, warm, sunny winter day in Georgia.  He is, and always will be, my greatest blessing.

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  1. so, so beautiful! I love your story. And wow, that wedding picture--gorgeous!